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A. Mercedes has spent many years taking its customers from destination to destination.
Some of the questions that the chauffeurs have been asked are listed below.
This information, hopefully, will help you get the most out of your stay and your travel plans.
(Please note this information is being provided to you with good intentions and should be treated as such.
A. Mercedes is not affiliated to any of the companies listed below.)

Q. Can you recommend a good local restaurant?
Ans. www.yeoldplough.co.uk – the finest of French cuisine

Q. Can you recommend any good local hotels?
Ans. www.crowneplazamarlow.co.uk – an international executive class hotel

I travel all over the world. I just can not face sitting in another restaurant and I certainly do not wish to visit a “Hamburger” joint.
Ans. www.noodlebar.net – clean, fast, quality, affordable

Q. How do you check flight times?
Ans. www.baa.co.uk - enter the airport and press submit for live flight information

Q. How do you check road traffic conditions?
Ans. http://vauxhall.co.uk/trafficnet/index.jhtml - real time reports on bottlenecks

Q. How do you find your destinations?
Ans. www.streetmap.co.uk – great uk coverage for streets using post codes
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