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Prices & Terms Page
 Pricing / Terms & Conditions

A. Mercedes Private Hire offers a competitive rate for its chauffeur-driven luxury cars.

Current prices for a standard journey (without any additional services) are as follows:

  Per Hour Per Mile
Mercedes E-Class £15 £1.50
MPV £20 £2.00

Please call us for standard journeys such as Airport runs.

 Terms & Conditions

  Collections from all airports incur car parking charges
  Waiting is charged at £15 per hour
  Congestion charge will be added to fare if incurred during journey
  Payments by credit card incur a surcharge.
  Late cancellations will incur a charge
  People carrier rates differ from saloon car rates
  Quotation for any destination available upon request
  No smoking, eating, drinking or pets allowed in any of the vehicles
  Account terms are 30 days
  All prices exclude VAT

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